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Letter from the Vice Chair of Research

Welcome to the University of Pittsburgh Department of Plastic Surgery Research Laboratory!

Through a positive group dynamic, our Laboratory brings together a talented group of researchers from a wide range of different cultural and organizational backgrounds and allows for a safe environment to share unique perspectives on the scientific topics we research. Diversity has become a key pillar of the Plastic Surgery Research Laboratory. Our interdisciplinary team not only brings together those members trained in different disciplines, but also recruits members of varying cultures, to help our team better answer our research questions.

In the Plastic Surgery Research Laboratory, we are a collaborative research team and each member develops and applies skills to enable contribution to team efforts and the overall vision. Trainees are regularly engaged to become aware of other team members’ projects and PI’s strive to combine concurrent trainee efforts toward a cohesive Laboratory. Collaborative teams meet regularly to discuss group goals, individuals’ aims in the project, and next steps in the research objective.

We have an established Grant Review Committee that reviews proposals in order to enhance the scientific quality of research as well as encourage collaboration among faculty members. This committee, consisting of surgeon-scientists and basic scientists at the University of Pittsburgh, will review proposals prior to submission to federal agencies, industry and foundations. Researchers submit a Grant Review Committee submission form at least three weeks prior to the proposal deadline. The purpose of this committee is to provide proposal reviews prior to formal submission, resulting in a highly competitive application. 

The consistent efforts of our team have led to multi-institutional grants, career advancements, innovations and licensed technology, and Research Fellowship Opportunities. Additionally, our 21st Annual Plastic Surgery Research Day will be held June 21, 2024. The overall goal of the Pitt Plastic Surgery Research Day is to discuss and educate the audience on new concepts and technologies in clinical and translational research in all areas of plastic surgery. I invite you to visit our site to learn more about the opportunities in our Laboratory and the advancements our team has made.


Kacey G. Marra, Ph.D.
Professor and Vice Chair of Research