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Andrea A. Moreira, MD

  • Associate Professor

Dr. Andrea Moreira is a distinguished plastic surgeon and breast reconstruction expert with a career spanning over a decade. She holds key positions at prestigious medical institutions in the United States, including UPMC Center in Pittsburgh, where she serves as the Director of Innovation, Breast Reconstruction Services, and the Cleveland Clinic, where she's an Adjunct Staff member and an Associate Professor at the University of Pittsburgh Medical School.

Dr. Moreira's medical journey began with a degree from the University of Para in Brazil, and she further honed her skills through research fellowships in the United States. She completed two residencies in General Surgery and Plastic Surgery at the Cleveland Clinic, solidifying her expertise in the field.

Her contributions to the field of breast reconstruction, including robotic-assisted microsurgery, breast neurotization, and direct-to-implant techniques, are groundbreaking. Dr. Moreira is an active researcher and holds leadership roles in various medical committees.

Beyond her clinical work, she is dedicated to global health, participating in humanitarian missions, and providing healthcare services in underserved regions, with a focus on breast reconstruction. She is also a member of the SHARE committee, collaborating with surgeons worldwide to advance plastic surgery knowledge.

Dr. Andrea Moreira's commitment to excellence, compassionate patient care, and global health impact make her a leading figure in plastic surgery and breast reconstruction.

Representative Publications