The Adipose Stem Cell Research Laboratory

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Laboratory Director: 

Kacey G. Marra, PhD, Co-Director

J. Peter Rubin
, MD, Co-Director


The Plastic Surgery Research Laboratory consists of 1200 square feet of space in the Biomedical Science Tower. 

Research Description: 

The Plastic Surgery Adipose Stem Cell Research Laboratory is directed by Kacey G. Marra, PhD, Associate Professor of Plastic Surgery and Bioengineering and Faculty of McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine and J. Peter Rubin, MD, Professor of Plastic Surgery, Chairman Department of Plastic Surgery. This laboratory conducts scientific investigation in multiple interdisciplinary areas. Novel biomaterials are being designed for soft tissue, skin and nerve regeneration, with a strong focus on polymeric materials, both native and synthetic. This laboratory isolates adult stem cells from human adipose tissue, and is exploring applications of these cells in soft tissue reconstruction.