Gregory M. Cooper, PhD

Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery
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3510 Rangos Research Center

4401 Penn Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15224, 


Gregory M. Cooper, Ph.D. is faculty of the Departments of Plastic Surgery, Oral Biology, and Bioengineering. After growing up in central Pennsylvania, he received his bachelor’s degrees from the University of Pittsburgh in Anthropology and Biology and his doctorate degree from the Department of Bioengineering at the University of Pittsburgh.

Dr. Cooper is interested in bone biology, bone tissue engineering, and craniosynostosis. He functions as the Director of the Pediatric Craniofacial Biology Laboratory at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and hopes to improve the treatment of children with bone-related problems through collaborative translational research.


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Cooper GM, Miller ED, DeCesare GE, Usas A, Lensie EL, Bykowski MR, Huard J, Weiss LE, Losee JE, Campbell PG. Inkjet-Based Biopatterning of BMP-2 to Spatially Control Calvarial Bone Formation. Tissue Eng Part A. 2010; 16(5):1749-59. | View Abstract »

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Cooper GM, Lensie EL, Cray JJ, Bykowski MR, DeCesare GE, Smalley MA, Mooney MP, Campbell PG, Losee JE. Direct comparison of progenitor cells derived from adipose, muscle, and bone marrow from wild-type or craniosynostotic rabbits. Plast Reconstr Surg. 2011; 127(1):88-97. | View Abstract »

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Cray J Jr, Durham E, Smalley M, Finegold D, Siegel M, Losee J, Mooney M, Cooper GM. The effects of testosterone on craniosynostotic calvarial cells: a test of the gene/environmental model of craniofacial anomalies. Orthod Craniofac Res. 2011 Aug; 14(3):149-155. | View Abstract »

Kinsella CR Jr, Bykowski MR, Lin AY, Cray JJ, Smith DM, Lensie EL, DeCesare GE, Mooney MP, Cooper GM, Losee JE. BMP-2-Mediated Regeneration of Large Scale Cranial Defects in the Canine: An Examination of Different Carriers. Plast Reconstr Surg. 2011; 127(5):1865-1873. | View Abstract »

Kinsella CR, Jr., Cray JJ, Smith DM, Rottgers SA, Mooney MP, Cooper GM, Losee JE. Novel Model of Calvarial Defect in an Infected Unfavorable Wound: Reconstruction With rhBMP-2. Part II. J Craniofac Surg. 2012; 23(2):410-4. | View Abstract »

Cooper GM, Durham EL, Cray JJ, Jr., Siegel MI, Losee JE, Mooney MP.  Tissue interactions between craniosynostotic dura mater and bone. J Craniofac Surg. 2012; 23(3):919-924. | View Abstract »

Smith DM, Cray JJ Jr., Weiss LE, Dei Fei EK, Shakir S, Rottgers SA, Losee JE, Campbell PG, Cooper GM. Precise Control of Osteogenesis for Craniofacial Defect Repair: The Role of Direct Osteoprogenitor Contact in BMP-2-Based Bioprinting. Ann Plast Surg. 2012; 69(4):485-488. | View Abstract »

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