Alexander M. Spiess, MD

Assistant Professor of Surgery
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Alexander M. Spiess, M.D. is the Division Chief of Hand in the Department of Plastic Surgery.  He is also the Program Director of the Plastic Surgery component of the Plastic Surgery Hand and Upper Extremity Fellowship, as well as intimately involved with the Hand Transplantation Program at UPMC. 

Dr. Spiess trained in Plastic Surgery at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI.  He completed fellowships in Hand and Upper Extremity surgery at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and Thomas Jefferson University/Philadelphia Hand Center.  Prior to coming on as the Division Chief of Hand Surgery, he was part of the teaching faculty at Allegheny General Hospital Department of Orthopaedics, where he treated of all types of complex hand, wrist, and elbow fractures, ligament, and tendon injuries.  Over the past few years, he has had the opportunity to develop an adult peripheral nerve and post traumatic brachial plexus injury practice, through which he has been able to employ the latest in nerve repair and transfer techniques, as well as tendon transfer techniques.  These patients will be evaluated at the new UPMC Center for Nerve Disorder at Mercy Hospital, opening this fall.

Dr. Spiess plays a very active role in the VCA (vascularized composite allotransplantation) lab and also has an interest in peripheral nerve research.  Among his many clinical interests, he is involved with clinical outcome studies regarding UPMC’s hand transplant patients.


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